Reducing Stress (Techniques to Relax)

Learning relaxation techniques to reduce stress is absolutely essential for everyone. As the pace of modern life increases, so does our stress – and learning to deal with it properly makes you happier and more productive. This course provides a comprehensive insight into the relaxation techniques you need to reduce your stress levels – why they work, how they work and most importantly, how you can use them to your advantage. From proper breathing, exercise and meditation techniques to how to unplug from technology and truly express yourself, this course covers the most effective stress-relieving techniques available.

You Will Learn:
• How to use breathing and meditation to relieve stress
• All about Tai-Chi, Yoga and other relaxation disciplines
• The everyday ways to unplug from technology and take proper breaks
• How to reduce stress by expressing yourself properly
• Alternative stress relief through laughter, dance and animal therapy

Benefits of Taking This Course:
• You will be able to handle any type of stressful situation
• You will learn how to be more productive by minimising distractions
• You will learn how to be more comfortable and confident in everything you do
• You will improve your relationships at home and at work
• You will learn techniques to reduce specific stress as it happens


Skills Builder Universal Framework:

Staying Positive
Getting started: Keeping trying

Getting started: Understanding emotions


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Reducing Stress (Techniques to Relax)