We can’t expect students to apply for jobs in industries they don’t understand.

YourGamePlan has built digital training courses for soft and employability skills. We want to work with you to create courses educating students about your industry and careers available in that industry.

Build Confidence

Build brand affinity from an early stage

Learn About Careers

Educate student about careers in your industry

Gain Experience

Give them the confidence to apply for your jobs

Reach school students as they begin their career journey

Careers readiness starts early, and helping students build the skills and confidence to secure a meaningful career will create a lasting impression.

There is a gap in students knowledges relating to careers and sectors available to them

YourGamePlan will provide digital training that students and employers feel that is missing when school leavers enter the workplace.

Access talent before they make decisions about further education

Whether students go to university or straight into the workplace learning about soft skills will still be important to them, by partnering with YourGamePlan you will be able to positively influence their skill sets regardless of the route they take.

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