We get that it may feel like the pandemic is getting in the way of everything – but, the truth is, the current situation doesn’t have to define your future at all. Whether you know what you want to do or even if you’re not entirely sure which career path to take – we’re here to show you how COVID-19 needn’t hold you back.

With YourGamePlan, we provide free access to online courses and industry-proven tools to help you stand out from the competitive crowd.

Here’s how we can help you figure out your next steps…

What you can do with YourGamePlan

At YourGamePlan, you can explore courses, gain certificates and career opportunities – with industry-proven tools and insights directly from leading UK organisations. This means you’ll be learning relevant industry skills that employers are specifically looking for – giving you a competitive advantage and a step-up from your peers, for free.

Simply sign-up and you can choose from six course categories: Career Planning, Application and Interview, Skills for the Workplace, Behaviour for the Workplace, Improving Your Mental Health and Lifestyle, and Introduction to Industries. You’ll have the freedom to learn new personal skills and employability skills by working independently from home.

Explore the YourGamePlan courses…

What are the benefits?

Personal Skills

Techniques to ace that interview and advice to produce an eye-catching CV with our online CV builder.

Employability Skills

Online courses, starting with our accountancy careers course put together with industry experts at the ACCA, designed to prepare you for a working environment.


CPD-certified digital certificates to prove your newly acquired knowledge following each course test.

Career Confidence

Feel confident and motivated to apply for roles you want with a new practical skill set, knowing the courses have been approved by top UK employers.

Practical Advantage

YourGamePlan courses will give you an advantage over your peers with an academic, theory-based level of understanding.

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