The FREE all-in-one digital learning platform that helps prepare your students for career readiness after school and college

The ultimate Careers Programme for your students!

How can you best prepare your students as they start to plan their career journey?

The job market was already a daunting and competitive place for students – it’s, even more, the case since Covid rocked our world.

Whether your students know what they want to do when they leave school/college or not, YourGamePlan has teamed up with leading UK employers to support and guide students as they choose the right path for them – whether that be university, an apprenticeship or jumping straight into the world of work.

Get FREE unlimited access for your entire school or college to skills-based digital courses, tools and opportunities that will help students shape their future careers and stand out from the crowd.

Careers advice has never been more important, so together let’s build student confidence and equip them with the practical skills and tools employers are looking for.

How does it work?

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Get instant access and receive everything you need to get started in your school/college including a handbook, an introductory presentation, printable poster, social media assets and more!

Add Your Students

Import your students in just a few clicks or simply share the sign-up link and students can register themselves

Start Building Their

Students can complete courses independently in school or at home or why not integrate them as part of a classroom lesson where students can upskill themselves in small groups or as a class.

Events, Competitions & Webinars

We partner with industry leaders to bring both teachers and students events, competitions and webinars to inform, educate and provide opportunities e.g. Industry Insights and Side Hustle Initiative.

What our courses look like

Please click play to review what our student training courses look like. 

Each course comes with a course worksheet to be done in class.

Students need to complete a short quiz at the end to gain their certificate. 

As a teacher, you are able to broadcast the course to an entire classroom and select which students attended.

Promote social mobility & build their skillset

YourGamePlan will provide your students with knowledge of industries that they perhaps would not know existed. We’ve partnered with leading UK employers to create courses that offer industry insight into an array of different sectors designed to open doors for students no matter their social, cultural or ethnic background.

Our digital courses ensure that students have the transferable and employability skills that employers are actually looking for. For each short course that students complete they receive an accredited digital certificate. Not only will this look great on their CV and provide them with the confidence and knowledge to pursue the best career path for them.

What do your students get access to?

It’s like having a digital career coach in your students back pockets.


A vast library of growing industry-recognised certified courses. Students gain the
sufficient employability and soft skills employers are looking for in the workplace, such as communication, leadership and assertiveness giving them a
competitive advantage


Build a professionally formatted CV at the click of a button: all of the courses your students complete with YourGamePlan are automatically added to their CV


We connect students to relevant jobs, apprenticeships and work experience opportunities with top UK employers looking for young people fresh out of school/college


The one-stop-shop for practical life advice from how to ace a job interview, money management advice through to everything you need to know about getting your first flat and more!

Effortlessly track their progress - map against Ofsted & Gatsby Benchmarks

Without any extra work, you will be meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks and providing your students with the Personal Development opportunities outlined in the new Ofsted Framework.

Effortlessly monitor students’ course completion with our tracking system. As a school, you have the freedom to use our resources as much or as little as you like. There are opportunities to embed them within the curriculum or promote student independence where they can complete this in their own time with little or no guidance.

Integrate As Part Of The Duke Of Edinburgh Award

Did you know that our employability courses count towards the skills section of the DofE award? Employers already love the DofE award but with YourGamePlan courses, your students can give their CV an even greater edge and stand out from the crowd when they start their career journey.