Prepare your students
for career readiness


YourGamePlan can help with the transition from the classroom to a suitable career for every student. Our digital learning courses will provide resources to inform your students in employability skills and broaden their awareness of different industries.

That’s where YourGamePlan can help

Promote social mobility in your school

YourGamePlan will provide your students with knowledge of industries that they perhaps would not know existed. Our partnerships with leading UK employers to create courses will offer insight into an array of industries for your students. This will open doors for them no matter what their social, cultural or ethnic background.

Build their skillset

Our digital courses will ensure that students have the transferable and employability skills that employers look for within their workforce. For each short course that students complete the knowledge they have gained will be tested and they will be presented with an CPD accredited digital certificate. This will look great on their CV and provide them with the confidence and knowledge to pursue the best career path for them.

CV builder

Our CV builder will enable students to create a CV. This can be used to apply for jobs, degree apprenticeships or placements whilst at university. Any training completed by students on our site will automatically be added to their achievements, ensuring that they have accredited content automatically included.

Track their progress

We have built a custom made tracking system where every school can monitor their students’ access and course completion. As a school, you have the freedom to use our resources as much or as little as you like. With opportunities to embed them within the curriculum or promote student independence, where students complete this in their own time with little or no guidance. Either way you are still providing them with the opportunities YourGamePlan offers.

How do schools access the benefits of YourGamePlan?

How to implement YourGamePlan in your school:

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