Success Habits

Success is not an isolated event. It is the culmination of many small actions and habits over time. Habits shape all areas of our lives, from how we think about our problems to the food choices we make at every meal. In this course, you will learn which habits you need to adopt to enjoy success in your professional and personal life.

You Will Learn:
• Why it is important to cultivate good habits
• Why successful people tend to value their sleep
• Why you should read on a regular basis
• The habits that will help you handle your workload
• The habits that will help you deal with setbacks and remain calm in times of stress

Benefits of Taking This Course:
• This course will teach you how to adopt a calmer outlook on life, which in turn will improve your mental and physical health
• This course will improve your resilience, meaning you will be able to cope more easily with the demands of your work
• If you mentor others at work, this course will help you pass on useful tips that will help them succeed
• This course will be of interest if you enjoy learning about positive psychology, as it will help you appreciate why some people are more successful than others


Skills Builder Universal Framework:

Staying Positive
Getting Started: Keeping trying
Intermediate: Finding opportunities


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Success Habits - Video Course
Success Habits - Written Course
Success Habits – Test

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