My buisness works towards creating an affordable advanced manufacturing service which specialises in 3d printing in both plastics (aswell as metals in the future) , at first I started my buisness as a simple online store selling specific 3d printed items to various customers,and although this method turned out to be somewhat successful I felt limited in my ability to expand and widen my services, due to this I have come up with the plan to create a large scale advanced manufacturing service which specialises in providing custom 3d printed parts ranging from prototypes to medical equipment in the future!, One example of an initiative I’ve been working on as a branch of my buisness is called BIONIX, an open source fully 3d printable bionic arm that I designed to be more affordable than the competition and way more easy to repair and replace without breaking the bank!, in order to help accomplish the task of starting my 3d printing service I was able to purchase 1 small 3d printer out of money I saved, however due to the amount of orders I received it was always hard to keep up with the demand, so I decided to begin the process of 3d printing parts for an even bigger 3d printer of my own design which I hope to complete one day.The over all goal of my buisness is to provide high quality parts whether that be via the process of 3d printing cnc machining or laser cutting at an affordable cost for all, which will be completely accessible through a service based online website.
Affordable advanced 3d printing service.
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Benjamin Adegoke

St Angela’s Ursuline School
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