In England there is an estimate of 605,000 alcoholics only 18 percent of there people are receiving treatment. Its our mission to try help every single person suffering from alcoholism. Our product is a chewing gum which will satisfy the urge to drinking without having any downsides to using our product. We rely purely on donations from the public and sales of our gum we are a non-profit organisation while we do sell our product in retail stores, all the profits goes back into helping fund rehabilitation centres and AA meetings all around the world. Our end goal is to increase the percentage of alcoholics going into rehab centres and increasing the awareness of rehab centres so people can get the help they need. Furthermore, we plan to help spread this awareness through celebrity endorsements and this will make our product more well known and through this people will start to be aware of alcoholism. WE think our target audience is men as through statistics men are 6 times more likely to abuse alcohol than women, we also believe that our age range is 18 and up because 30% of people say of people abuse alcohol.
helping improve alcoholics life’s through a piece of gum
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Charlie Rocca

Balcarras School

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