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Our product will help children learn how to spell. You may think it looks like a regular keyboard, but it has features so anyone can use it. It uses audio and braille imprinted on the keys so blind people can use it. The braille will be in different colours so it can stand out from the main letters. This product will create something everyone can have and use no matter what. The audio will work by you clicking on a letter and then it will say that letter. The keys will be slightly larger than usual so all the features can fit on. Our product has 2 ways of using it. The first way is just using it as the keyboard. If you do use it this way, there will be keys on the side selecting how you want to use it. They would be like spelling checks, spelling games etc…Then which ever one you have picked will start playing via the speakers at the top. The second way to use it is by downloading our app (Which will be called ‘Alpha Type’). You will download our app and connect your phone, tablet or computer to the keyboard via a USB cable that will fit your device. Once its connected, their will be a button in the top left, hand corner which will allow you to connect the keyboard to your device, then your device will be connected to the keyboard. After you will follow the instructions on the app on what to do and how to play. The price of our project is £34.99 this uses psychological pricing. Our product will be mainly advertised on children’s channels such as: Milkshake, Cartoon network, CBeebies. Will also be advertised on billboards, newspapers, magazines and social media such as Facebook and Instagram. To launch our product, we will be selling it half price on the day it releases in toy stores across the nation and in department stores, for example John Lewis. This will make it £17.99. It will be the only chance to get it half price. But for schools and medical centres can buy this at a discounted price if they buy in bulk.
Our business teaches kids how to spell using a fun and colourful way that’s interactive and accommodates blind people.
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Frankie Gray

Balcarras School

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