CyclEx has put together a product which we believe could change the cycling market for the future. Our new slap band and sleeve has been made to help customer safely travel via bike during the night. Our product features a luminescent wrist band or sleeve so cars can clearly see the cyclist on the road whilst the headlights reflect of the product. A Bright orange arrow is included in the middle of our design which uses technology for the arrow to flash when the arm is raised to indicate the direction in which you are you are looking to travel. The flashing of the arrow is a new feature to the product and with our new technology, it has allowed us to make our product more appealing and useful to ride on the roads. The arrow will only flash when your arm has been raised, so the car behind you knows exactly where you are going. The fit of the sleeve is perfect as we have many different sizes for younger people and adults. The sleeve is almost unnoticed by the consumer as we have made our product as comfortable as possible from exploring the fabric market. The sleeve is fully waterproof so even while riding in rain, you won’t experience any faults with our product. Our product is now more sustainable than any other sleeve or wristband on the market, made from eco-friendly materials, saving animals and helping climate change. Our product has never been seen before and has created a whole other market to be explored and dominated. We will establish copy right laws and make our product one of a kind not to be conquered by other rip off brands. The CyclEx brand will revolutionise the cycling industry, coming out on top. Lights will guide you home.
CyclEx is a wristband or sleeve which is used to indicate when you are cycling home in the dark to keep you safe.
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Tom Hopkinson

Balcarras School

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