Eco Lights

We want our product to change the way we live our lives whilst doing our bit in helping to protect the planet. With energy bills increasing quickly, our product will help save money too. Our organisation is a non-for profit organisation, as our main aim is to make the planet as green as it can be in an efficient and effective manner. Once you make a purchase from EcoLights you will receive a life-time guarantee which reflects our full confidence in our product. In order to receive the best feedback possible, at the start of our campaign we will randomly distribute 1 light bulb to 200 lucky people across the nation. In doing this we hope that we can make the product the best it can be based on your feedback. Our organisation wants to have a solid communication between business and customer, because we believe this is how we can enable our product to reach its full potential.
lights which can save electricity with just your voice, in an effective and efficient way.
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Mimi Brotherton

Balcarras School

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Eco Lights

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