The app offers a range of services which can be helpful finding advice, other people’s stories, trackers and other forms of help (meditation and helplines) and other easily accessible things. The app will be non-for-profit and free to anyone for use. Unlike most apps, it won’t have that ‘premium’ option which makes it so you can only have access to all the features if you pay a set fee on a monthly basis. The name of the app ‘Eirene’, which is after the Greek goddess representing peace, is subtle compared to other mental health apps. The icon of the app depicts a daisy which, in many cultures, represents new beginnings or ‘re-birth’. The main thing that sets us apart from others, besides the fact it is completely free, is that we tie in a range of features that different apps offer individually. This means that it is easier to keep track of everything and secure with a passcode if desired. Ranging from trackers to meditation, we offer an array of ways to help yourself or others. The focus of the app is the social side, in which there is a community page where people can post, either anonymously or not, about their experiences and how they helped themselves or their loved ones. This allows people who may be dealing with/ have family members dealing with similar situations to know how to possibly help. We also offer services from professionals, who volunteer, to provide a one off session to give advice. Overall, the app is catered to everyone. We believe mental health should be dealt with the same was physical health is, with complete support and guidance, not ‘brushed under the rug’.
A Non-for-profit app called Eirene that is specially designed to assist people, specifically the older generations, in mental health and how they can help others and themselves.
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Sage Cooper

Balcarras School

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