ELS(electronic library service) a business directed toward providing an online virtual library catered to students and pupils in education specifically for textbooks and learning resources. We believe that there is a gap in the market for providing cheap and easily accessible materials, so we created this idea of being able to hire and buy physical textbooks through an e-commerce business. We run on a hire, buy and deposit basis. You will give an initial payment of your deposit and as the weeks go on money will be taken out of the fund accordingly. However if you have exceeded your deposit budget you are free to keep the resource as you will have fully paid the expense of the book, but we would be happy to take the material as a ‘donation’. We will be using a direct channel distribution from Wearhouse to customer, via our van delivery system. Excluding any intermediary costs, reducing extra transportation costs. Our top priority is a fast and reliable delivery service so will offer a 2 day drop off time within the country. We aim to target our younger audience and parents of whom may need our product via social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Our pricing will be as follows- three standard textbook sizes + deposit costs: Small- £3.99 Medium- £4.99 Large – £6.99. + £1.55 shipping cost with each order. The deposits works for every ten days £1 is taken out of your given deposit meaning only £3 a month charge per textbook. Our aims for the future would be to provide a subscription service for our more loyal customers, how ever this specially be a hire only system but if you do wish to buy such textbooks this can be negotiated at a later date with out customer service branch.
Our business idea is to be able to provide an online service where you can rent and buy educational textbooks.
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Ebba Jobson

Balcarras School

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