Our app will be filling a gap in the market. There haven’t been food apps like ours with more modern and updated ideas. We got this idea, by thinking of apps that weren’t existing or needed improving. Food apps are popular, yet they don’t have as many qualities. In our app, F&T (Food and Tutorials), there will be various sections and things you can interact with. We’ll have a subscription which will allow our customers to upload their own tutorials on food and recipes they want to share to the rest of the world. We will have separate sections (e.g., lunch, snacks, desserts etc…) and within those sections we will have different cultural foods (Sections from different countries that can be seen in our PowerPoint.) to have a variety of recipes. This will give families and friends a new insight to the foods they’re eating. This app isn’t only just for adults, but also for children, as they love cooking and baking just as much. We will create a different section for them, and the tutorials will be much simpler and easier to follow. This will expand our age range. To draw more customers in, we decided to request famous cooks, such as Paul Hollywood, to do special tutorials for their chosen foods and to upload them onto our app. This will make us more well-known and will increase our sales. Our aim is to bring family and friends to be with as one, they will spend quality time together. People will enjoy new experiences of foods they had never tried before. Our company is set up by just us, Hannah Lerescu and Annabel Lee. If our company succeeds, we are willing to improve the app even further to make sure our customers never run out of recipes to try.
Our business’s aim is to introduce a fun cooking experience for all ages, it will bring families and friends together while also teaching them skills on how to cook
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Hannah Lerescu

Balcarras School

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