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43 % of young men have mental health issues so we aim to help young men 18-30 around the world by offering them courses which they can use to improve in all aspects of live regardless of where they are. We will do this by offering videos, private or public calls, meal guides. These videos will be other people explaining to our clients the main concepts they will need for their self-improvement journey for example: how to be more confident, how to talk to woman or men, how to start good habits and stop bad ones, tips and help for working out for beginners, mindfulness to make people feel better about themselves and the way they look, and diet plans. We will do this by employing professionals in the certain fields are videos talk about. We will use the money you give us to employ these professionals and make expand our social media outreach. Our customers will pay £19.99 per month and have the option to pay £200 for a year. Our private or group calls will also be done by the professionals and talk about the same topics, but the customers can talk to the professionals and ask for advice that is specific to them if they want to. We do this so that customer satisfaction is maximised, and each customer feels like they are being taken care of properly so that the customers will come back and pay more. Our website will be available all over the world and will also be available on a app on google play or the app store. Our app will be the exact same as our website, but the layout will be different. In the future we will employ professionals from different counties to expand our audience beyond English speakers.
We aim to bring help to young men with their self improvement and reaching their potential in all aspects of life by including meal plans, specialist calls and videos and personal workouts on our website or app.
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Sebastian Iwanicki

Balcarras School

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