Jawbone Scotch Egg Co.

I run Jawbone Scotch Egg Co, my own Scotch egg business where I make fresh scotch eggs every Saturday morning in a converted shipping container. It has a gas fryer, an oven and stainless work surfaces and is 5* hygiene rated. I restarted the business in March 2020 in the middle of the first lockdown when I had spare time at home. It had previously been closed down as it wasn’t making a profit. I have a range of 11 flavours but just make 2 flavours each week, an original one and a guest flavour. Flavours include: Cumberland, Spicy Tomato, Punjabi Curry, Black Pudding and Full English. The next one I am going to try is a full English. Through social media and word of mouth the business has grown and become well known in the local area. I now supply 4 locals cafes & delis as well as selling from the shipping container. I also have a website where customers can pre-order. They cost £2.80 or £2 trade. I sell 100-150 each Saturday morning. I want to build the business by making improvements to the appearance of the outside of the container and also add a seating area. If demand does increase, I will also want to invest in developing new flavours, additional fryers and staff. Costs include pork, eggs, panko, oil, gas, packaging, wages and cleaning equipment.
Freshly made gourmet Scotch Eggs made with locally sourced pork and free-range eggs
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Oliver Jackson

Bradfield School
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