Premium Bundles

Are you running out of ideas for gifts to buy for a family or friend? Or are you wanting to treat yourself to a range of your favourite items? Not to worry! We have that all for you ready at the click of a few buttons. We are an E- commerce business where people can access our website worldwide. We provide customisable bundles fit for you needs! We have bundles ranging from makeup/skincare, sportswear, jewellery, gaming accessories, to just general cloths. We sell our bundles in different sizes depending on how many products are in each one, our price range starts at £7.99 – £50.99, also having exclusive bundles which start at £90+. Our bundles will be shipped first class meaning there will be a £4 shipping fee ; we do this so your bundle arrives in exquisite condition. We ensure our products are from the highest quality places and make sure they are sanitised. Our aim as a business is to make a profit whilst also ensuring our customers are satisfied. Our packaging will be super environmentally friendly and we will make sure the items inside them are also environmentally friendly and cruelty free. Our exclusive bundles will be larger and have 20+ premium products inside, they will be of the highest quality and will mainly be based around large events like a birthday, Christmas etc. We aim to solve the problem of struggle buying! In the future, we also aim to move to stores across the world; our stores will include examples of boxes to buy and you can choose and buy in store. Though our in store shops will have a smaller range of bundles to buy.
Have you got an event coming up and want a variety of items related to it? We got it, we sell a range of bundles customised to your needs and wants.
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Harriet Salter

Balcarras School

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Premium Bundles

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