The Gaming Room

Our business lends high end gaming pcs and consoles. This is because gaming pc’s can cost a lot and many people are unable to afford for one. We will be located near schools as it is near children and they are this is our target market. We will have a large room with strip lights, making it a good gaming atmosphere. In there will also be a café which will sell caffeinated drinks and energy drinks (16+). Customer can rent hourly and we will use penetrations pricing so the price increases every hour, this benefits the business and also the customers so they don’t spend to much time on gaming. We will charge less for consoles and more for gaming pc’s as they are more costly.
We lend high end gaming pc’s and 2nd gen consoles for people to game on hourly time-periods.
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Abhyudit Pillai

Balcarras School

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The Gaming Room

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