The Little Craft Shop

Todays teenagers struggle with a lot of mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. We had the idea that our business could be aimed at helping teenagers in need, by reminding them of a happy memory. All we need is for a teenager to send us one of their favourite photos from a happy time, and we will recreate it into a piece of artwork according to an art style and size of their choice. We believe that this will help teenagers massively, we know this because we are ones. Our business is not completely focused on the aspect of helping teenagers, but doubles up as a craft shop as well. We will sell things such as jewellery, keychains and postcard designs, all following a natural and earthy theme to bring light into the climate change crisis.
Our business is an online shop, that does personalised commissions for customers that send us an idea for a product or painting, as well as a selection of products of our own designs.
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Indie-Rose Thoburn

Balcarras School

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The Little Craft Shop

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