Toasty Toes

Our slippers provide warmth and comfort to our customers. They are microwavable meaning they can be heated up quickly without any fuss. They are made out of recycled materials and come in a range of designs and sizes fit for every customer. Our slippers are targeted towards every age and gender: as long as they have a microwave. The problem our product solves, are cold feet. With the cost of heating and energy ever increasing, this simple yet original, business idea has the powerful ability to make sales in our key market. Our recycled materials also means that the production of these slippers will be sustainable and not harm the environment. With this issue being at the forefront of consumers minds, along side energy worries, means that our branding will focus on these issues. This should create a strong product and brand for toasty toes. As of 2020, the covid pandemic has hit earth. This has caused slipper sales to increase by 285%. This means that we would be bringing our product to an ever increasing market. This would mean our chances of sales would be high as we have our original unique selling point. Our products will be sold to kids at £14.99 and to adults at £19.99 and we will be using the pricing strategy of phycological pricing which will encourage customers to buy our products. We will be mainly promoting our product through social media advertising and TV advertising as large amounts of people will see our adverts/products and want to buy them. By using these methods of advertising we can reach our specific target market. After a few method of introducing our product, we will use sales promotion such as ‘buy one get one half price’ and gift coupons/free gifts to encourage a boost in sales
Our business idea, Toasty Toes, are heated slippers that can be microwaved in order to warm up; they are made out of recycled materials and come in a range of sizes and designs.
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Lilly Sanders

Balcarras School

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Toasty Toes

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