We are a group of 3 young people looking for a way to make holidays cheap and accessible to university students and young people. We plan to create an app with a search bar and some criteria that people can tick or cross depending on what holiday they want. After filling out the quick ‘survey’ we will give the customer three holiday choices. there will be a cheap one, one that hits all the criteria and a wildcard . This would be done via an algorithm . We have chosen to access the travel industry because for so long in covid times we’ve been trapped in your home with covid restrictions. We believe this lockdowns will create a bubble that will last. we plan to ride this bubble with our company. We will use penetrative pricing strategies to access this resurging market. We will take a 2.5% commission on the price of the package holiday for first time customers and a 3% commission on holidays for returning customers. We will also use advertisements on our app for some extra revenue. Our marketing strategy is to use influences that appeal to our target audfie4nce such as TikTokers like GKbarry and max balgede. We will also use youtubers like Emma Chamberlin and Molly Mae. We would also have sales promotions such as cheaper flights in off peak holiday times. we as a group are very evicted to begin this adventure and if we win we would use the money to put Alex on a programming course so the could make and maintain the website.
A travel company aimed at university students and young people selling cheap holidays in a swift manor.
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Charlie Houlston

Balcarras School

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