Vinyl Revival

We are Vinyl Revival. Our vision is to emphasise how rich and varied music can be – away from the mainstream. We would specialise in all genres from the 1960s up until the modern day, because of this we would stock lesser known bands and albums. The long-term plan for the future is to become a well known retailer of music and music memorabilia. Our target market is teenagers and young adults, that is also our USP because there are no vinyl record shops that are aimed at this age group, even though a resurgence has been seen over the past couple of years of records being bought, specifically by teenagers and young adults; Also, the record market is growing as vinyl records are outselling cd’s, for the first time in 30 years – therefore, we have a high chance of survival in the marketplace. As we hopefully gain more income, we would plan on fully converting our storage location into an outlet for customers to visit and purchase products from, therefore we wouldn’t just be limited to the online market.
We aim to bring affordable music to the masses.
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Laurie Clark

Balcarras School

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Vinyl Revival

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