I create animated promotional videos, introductory videos, lobby directory videos, etc. I make them in Adobe After Effects CC, which I have been teaching myself since I was 11-12 years old. My business helps to employ exciting video and animation into advertising campaigns of all scales. I don’t only sell my service, however. I sell physical merchandise products with my logo embroidered into the t-shirt, digital ‘graphics packs’ for educational and personal use, my previous project files, as well as run a support program teaching ‘underdog’ creatives the business of design via my Patreon page. I also stream my commissioned work on the platform Twitch, the largest live streaming site in the world – this helps my audience to understand the behind-the-scenes of my work and learn something new. I also own the largest motion design server listed on Disboard; a Discord server listing community. My community has over 1,100 members, and we’ve been lucky enough to be verified on the platform (Discord).
I’m a freelance motion designer. I create animated videos and graphics for companies all over the world.
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Will Taylor

Shiplake College
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