Youngtutor is an online enterprise within the educational sector aiming to revolutionise the academic space for the national youth cohort. Specifically, our business has a definitive focus: specialising within the tutoring industry and supporting students with their secondary education as they form the next generation. Our target market is aimed primarily at students who are studying GCSEs – inclusive of those wanting to improve in an individually difficult subject or excel academically from the average benchmark. This will range from Year 7 until Year 11, as the basis of GCSE content is established at these initial stages and then later developed as the GCSE course begins. Covering the mainframe of exam specifications in over fifteen subjects taught over England, youngtutor provides the highest level of academic excellence, ensured on the basis of 1 to 1 aid from former GCSE students. A range of proficient former GCSE students remain readily available having undergone this overwhelming process; they are equipped with the expertise, interest and knowledge of the complete syllabus to help the student succeed. We designed a meticulous system towards tutor selection: a competitive criterion of a Grade 9 within the desired subject, coupled alongside a rigorous interview process of testing upon knowledge and competence of being a quality tutor. Tutors, upon being selected and assigned to an individual student, will work through the specification and test the students with regular assessments along with worksheets to ensure they understand the core concepts and are making steady progress. They will also share across all the exam materials they themselves used along with revision techniques, videos and more. If any student is facing any doubts or has a query, a forum will be embedded within the website where any available tutor will be able to guide them. Striving towards academic excellence while focusing on the health of our students remains our priority, further reinforcing that we are an enterprise by students, for students. Our unique selling propositions primarily encompass branching out to socioeconomically disadvantaged members of society, enabling high-quality education at an affordable price of £10 an hour. This hourly rate lies significantly less compared to already-established competitors such as MyTutor and Kumon. Strategically speaking, we place significant importance on our marketing procedures to try and branch out to as many students in England as possible. We will implement this using a combination of physical and digital marketing, a specific focus on the latter. Advertising mechanisms of our business involve harnessing student-concentrated media such as Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube, using seasonal and timely variations to place these ads where demand is highest. Moreover, we will be reaching out to content creators rooted within the academic space, for example Revishaan and UnJaded Jade, where the likes of affiliate marketing and a following audience will allow for trusted connections and brand recognition. A further intention of our business idea is to offer employment opportunities to former GCSE and A-Level students who are looking for a combined method of a paid occupation and engaging work experience having received a top grade in their subject. Conclusively, we believe that we have the potential and demand within the market in these current times to develop our business model on a national scale and through your collective support, we can make this idea a reality. Thank you.
Our business, youngtutor, is an online GCSE tutoring service that offers academic excellence with significantly lower prices compared to our competitors to ensure quality affordable education for all students – all of which is tutored by GCSE alumni who have attained the top grades.
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Shubham Kulkarni

Herschel Grammar School
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