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Unsure about what you want to do after GCSE’s?
Like the idea of getting real job experience whilst you learn?

Then T-levels could be for you! 

Join students, teachers and parents across the UK on Thursday 23rd June at 4PM where we’ll be discussing all things T-Levels, from the basics about what they are through to how they are opening up new learning pathways for young people today.

We’ve teamed up with ACCA, Pearson, Azets and Walsall College who will be sharing their expertise about T-levels. You’ll also hear from a student who will be sharing their first-hand experience of T Levels in Accountancy. At the end join our live Q&A where you’ll get all of your burning questions answered.

Other speakers include

Why will we be covering?

Intro to T Levels – Danny Heath, YourGamePlan

  • What T Levels are and why they have come about now 

Launch of Accountancy T Level – Lorna Williamson, ACCA

  • An introduction to the accountancy T Level and how it work

  • What students will achieve at the end of it

  • What the benefits are for students

Content of the Course – Andrew Hambleton, Pearson

  • Course content

  • The difference and benefits of T Levels VS A Levels

  • The qualification and higher education

Delivering T Levels In Schools/Colleges – Jackie Bradnick, Teacher at Walsall College

  • Experience of T Levels in schools

  • Placements for students

  • Skills development through T Levels

  • Employment and pay

A student’s Experience of TLevels – Walsall College Student

  • Personal experience of being a T Level student

  • Personal decision to choose a T Levels course

  • Personal benefits of doing a T Levels course

Getting a job with a T Level – Katherine Gibbins, Azets

  • Onward journey after T Levels

  • Employment and payment

  • The attraction of T Levels for an employer

How Schools & Colleges Are Taking Part

  1. Turn it into an after school session

  2. Create a drop-in classroom – Put it on live for students to drop in and watch

  3. Can’t watch live? Don’t worry, use the on-demand event recording to use at anytime

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