9 Things You Need To Know To Ace Any Job Interview

4 December, 2020

Job interviews are stressful situations. The applying, relief when you finally get one and then waiting to hear back. All in all, job interviews can be a minefield to crack.

You have to walk a fine line of mixing the perfect blend of confidence in your abilities without seeming to be arrogant. Whilst also trying to remain true to selling yourself for the role without seeming incomplete or rushed. 

We’ve put together a list of our 9 top tips on how to prepare to ace any job interview

1. Dress for Success

Always dress smart for a job. This doesn’t mean suit and tie or dress and heels but simply dressing smartly can make a good first impression on your interviewer.

2. Research the company

Always research the company you are about to interview for. Having background knowledge shows a willingness to learn about the company, and shows important research skills.

3. Prepare for common interview questions

Have some stock answers for readily known questions. For example, what are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why did you apply for this job? What do you know about us?

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking questions at the end of an interview shows willing. Try asking the interviewer why they love working at their company. It’s a great way to get them talking (people love to talk) and it will also give you a bit of an insight into the company you may not know. Also don’t be afraid to ask any clarification throughout the interview whether that be repeating a question or asking about the job role itself for example salary, start dates, when are they looking to make a decision etc. A willingness to learn will always ensure you are the best positioned for the role.

5. Arrive early

Arriving early to an interview is a must. It shows willingness and eagerness to the interviewer. Timekeeping especially is a key aspect in any job, and showing up early shows your ability to keep time. 

6. What are your best selling points

Clarify what you can bring to the job. Don’t be afraid to put this upfront. You should be able to clearly state why you are the best candidate for the position. 

7. Use real-life examples

Nothing is better to an interviewer than using real-life examples to complement your skills. This is the best way to showcase experience matching the job criteria.

8. Be yourself!

Don’t put on a facade or impression, it’s you and your skills that are being interviewed so show them off. 

9. Finally… Don’t Panic!

You’ve got this. Prepare yourself and grab the opportunity presented to you.

So there we go. Your Game Plan’s top 9 tips on how to prepare for an interview. If you need any help or guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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