Let’s be honest: this time of year is not fun. It should be- after all, the days are getting longer, and warm weather and blue skies are beckoning- and yet you’re stuck inside, revising and stressing about exams. But while it might feel like it at the time, exam season doesn’t last forever! Here are … Read more

The past two school years have been a rollercoaster, to put it mildly. A once-in-a-lifetime global event which has impacted almost every person on the planet does not exactly create the most conducive environment for learning. While we aren’t saying goodbye to Covid-19 just yet, we are able to start embracing a new normal as … Read more

First of all, if you’ve decided to read this blog – congratulations, you’re already taken the first step to good financial health, and that’s being proactive enough to care about it!  One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety is money trouble, which is why getting into good habits and making good financial decisions … Read more

Walking out of those school gates for the last time on a hot summer’s day can bring about a mixed bag of emotions.  You may well feel sad to say goodbye to classmates and teachers, excited about the long summer ahead, or maybe a bit daunted and overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving school, especially … Read more

Don’t get us wrong, we think schools are great and all. But there are gaping holes in the curriculum when it comes to things you really need to know to prepare you for adulting. Like what the heck ‘mortgages’ are, for instance.  Growing up you hear about mortgages on adverts, and hear adults complain about them- and … Read more

Independence. That’s what most students are looking forward to above anything when they leave school. Your time will be your own – what you do and where you go next will be completely up to you. It’s incredibly exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking. All those things you’ve never had to think about before because … Read more

Article By Fiona Willmott We’re now entering the thirteenth week of lockdown in the UK, and for a lot of us, it’s beginning to drag even more than it was before. The beautiful weather isn’t making it any easier to enjoy staying at home all the time, and chances are, you’re pretty over the whole thing. … Read more

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