Job interviews are stressful situations. The applying, relief when you finally get one and then waiting to hear back. All in all, job interviews can be a minefield to crack. You have to walk a fine line of mixing the perfect blend of confidence in your abilities without seeming to be arrogant. Whilst also trying … Read more

If you’re weighing up your options after leaving school, whatever future career you might be considering, be sure to consider an apprenticeship as your next step. If you’re an academic student who simply presumed that University was the logical next step, don’t be so quick to dismiss an apprenticeship as a good alternative to university. … Read more

So, you’ve spent hours crafting your perfect CV. You’ve tailored it to the job you’re applying for. It’s so beautifully laid out that they’ll mistake you for a graphic designer. So why- after ALL of that- should you need to write a covering letter? Everything they need to know is in the CV, right? Well, I’m … Read more

How does it feel to be a school leaver? It’s a big accomplishment, so hats off to you! Keep celebrating by taking control over the next step…  Making a decision may sound like an easy box to tick… but you want to get it right, right? It’s important to know that there is no one decision that … Read more