Dealing with Difficult People and Situations – Written Course

In this course on dealing with difficult people, we are going to be examining how to deal with people and situations that you may not be comfortable with yet will encounter now that you are getting older.

As you get closer to or reach adulthood, you are going to notice that things in your life change for the better and some for the worse.

At some point, you are going to have to deal with problematic people and equally challenging circumstances.

Negativity can easily take over your life if you let it. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Simple changes in how you view these obstacles can make your day and life much easier.

We are first going to look at the types of difficult people you can encounter on a day to day basis.


Negative Personalities

Negative people are everywhere. They have a bleak outlook on everything around them.

If you have ever been around someone like this, you also know that this kind of thinking can be contagious.

It’s easy to start seeing the glass as being half empty if you allow these destructive views to seep into your subconscious thinking.

If you can’t avoid the discouraging person, you have to actively come up with a way to stop them in their tracks.

The first action to take is to stop putting your energy into what the negative person is saying.

A habitually pessimistic person can seriously affect your mood if you let them.

Have as little engagement with them as possible, and if they continue with the poor behaviour, circle the conversation back to the task at hand.

Secondly, know that it is not up to you to try to change the person. It’s not your job to make a negative person happy.

Only they can change their view on life, but you can lend an ear if they are willing to change.

Be confident in your opinions and advice, and if you need to take a break from them, do so.

Always remember that you are just as important as the other person. Protect your mental health, and don’t let someone change who you are.


The Show-off

Show-offs often think they are better than those who are around them. They feel they are the smartest, most talented, and best-looking person in the room.

Their personality can wear on you like nails to a chalkboard. It’s hard to be around a person like this since their ego can take over any conversation or situation.

What you need to remember when dealing with these types of people, is to never go out of your way to put them in their place.

It is tempting to deal them a dose of embarrassment or humility, but they often don’t feel these emotions anyway. Braggers are deeply engrossed in themselves and have a way of viewing life through a tiny lens.

So, what can be done when you are face to face with a show-off?

Curb your conversations with them. They are usually looking for any leeway to tell you about how great they are and put you down in the process.

Keep the conversation short and sweet. Only engage if you have to, and when you do don’t fall into their trap of constantly fishing for compliments or ways to talk about themselves.

Also, don’t compete with a show-off. You can’t win this game.

If possible, don’t give them any clues about your social, academic or work life. They can use this as fodder to prove to you that their life is better than yours.

With this type of personality, the less interaction you have with them the better.


Unsavoury Situations

In addition to difficult people, there are also ways to deal with challenging situations. When you find yourself in one, don’t despair. Get a grip on the reality around you and resolve to change it.

Once you acknowledge that you are in a difficult situation, you can make a plan of action to get out of it.

Write a list of ways you can make your circumstances better. This could include calling a loved one for advice or reaching out to a professional for help.

Seeking help is often the quickest way to get you out of a sticky situation. Another person can usually see things better since they have an objective point of view.

If you can make a change on your own, do so. This could be looking for a new job, hanging out with a different group of friends or finding an outlet to let out your emotions.

Whatever you do, make sure that it is something beneficial for you. It takes time, but situations change.

If you are proactive, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel much sooner.

Dealing with difficult people and situations doesn’t have to be taxing. Find ways to motivate yourself to get back on top and in control.

Surround yourself with those who are on the same team as you and want to uplift rather than tear you down.

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Dealing with Difficult People and Situations – Written Course