Information and Advice for taking part in YourGamePlan's National Interview Week

Supported by Matrix and
Staffordshire University

🤗 YourGamePlan is excited to welcome both teachers and students to the first ever, large scale, virtual interview week taking place with 5000 young people across the UK! 🚀

Please also watch a short welcome from Tim Campbell 👉🏽

On this page, you’ll find information and resources to help you prep and make the most of your interviews – enjoy!

What to expect on the DAY!


Prepare a room with 10 laptops and 10 headsets for the interviews to take place

Share the Teams links with your students (you will receive your links by 2nd Feb)

– Any issues on the day, contact us via Live Chat on this website for an immediate reply


– Make sure you know which room you will be in for your virtual interview

– Check you have your Teams link from your teacher (do not share this)

– Any issues on the day, speak to the teacher in the room who will contact us for you


You will be asked some/all of the following questions. The interview will be like a conversation so you may be asked follow up questions, too.

1. What do you do outside of school?
2. Do you have a CV? If so, what are you most proud of?
3. What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
4. What one thing are you really good at/ your strengths?
5. Name an area you’ve strengthened recently.
6. What is your dream career and why?


The volunteers taking the interviews are all professionals from a range of different industries and experiences.

They have all been trained for the interviews and are excited to meet you!


All interview volunteers have had their identity verified, including DBS checks and have been trained in safeguarding young people. All the interviews are automatically recorded and the recordings saved with your school/college and with YGP. 

Please do not try to connect with your interviewer on social media although you may share LinkedIn profiles if you like, and if your school/college policy allows this.

If you have any concerns on the day, end the call and speak with your teacher.

If you have any questions before the Interview Week, please contact:

Countdown until the interviews start...