Student Interview Report Form

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Staffordshire University

Complete one report form per student interview.


Instructions to confirm student details

  1. Copy and paste the student’s name from your calendar invite to avoid spelling errors
  2. Ask student to confirm their name (this avoids mispronunciation of their name)
  3. Choose student’s school from dropdown list (on calendar invite)
  4. Ask student to confirm their school

If the student does not turn up after 10 minutes:
Please still fill out student’s name and school (from calendar invite).
Then choose option ‘Student did not show’ in the 3 skill sections +
 write ‘student did not show’ in the open feedback.

Structure of interview

  • 1-2 mins: Check student details and introduce yourself
  • 2-5 mins: Conversation about interviews in general: how you got your job, how to prepare, what to wear, top tips etc
  • ~10 mins: Standard interview questions (see below): these are to help you assess the students on the 3 skills areas
    Be encouraging and positive, ask follow up questions and go with the natural conversation flow
  • 2 mins: Sum up interview, thank student for their time.
    Their report will be sent a few weeks after interview.

Interview questions

Choose as many as appropriate and include follow up questions to make it like a conversation:
  1. What do you do outside of school?
  2. Do you have a CV? If so, what are you most proud of?
  3. What do you want to be doing in 5 years?
  4. What one thing are you really good at/your strengths?
  5. Name an area you’ve strengthened recently.
  6. What is your dream career and why?
You are aiming for 15-20 mins total time with student + 5 mins to complete the report form after the interview is finished.

Example of high level student feedback

Alisha was highly engaged during our interview and was keen to talk about her activities. It was great to hear about what she does outside of school (particularly her engineering club) which shows her taking active steps towards her future career.

Example of lower level student feedback

Alisha was positive during our interview and tried really hard to give good answers despite being nervous. Alisha doesn’t have a CV at the moment so we talked about what she could put on one and what activities would help increase her skills and confidence (eg. joining the school drama club).

Student Report Form (complete one per student)

You are assessing the students on three skills: Listening, Speaking and Aiming High
– For each skill, please choose an appropriate statement from the dropdown boxes
– In the open-text box, please write a short paragraph giving overall feedback (examples above)
Please proof read your responses as these are included on the report form to students, schools and parents!

If you have any questions before the Interview Week, please contact: