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Don’t you think it would be nice to simply look at someone and know exactly what they are thinking? You can, once you learn about the secrets of body language – and this course will teach you all you need to know. We have created this course to make it easy for you to look at other people and know what they are portraying, simply by noticing their body language. Once you learn these secrets, you can definitely apply all of this to your daily life and have the ability to perfectly navigate any social situation from meetings at work to a night out at the pub.

This course explains all you need to know about body language and how to read and understand it. We begin by explaining what body language is and then explaining how each part of the body actually communicates with others based on the thoughts and feelings of the other person. We cover the body language of the eyes, parts of the face, the mouth, jaw, arms and even the person’s posture. What this course also teaches you, of course, while in the process of learning about the body language of others, you can also teach yourself to portray things like confidence, leadership and power.

You Will Learn:

  • How to look into someone’s eyes and know if they are lying or being truthful
  • What it means if someone stares at you for too long
  • What emotions people are experiencing if they raise their eyebrows
  • What the jaw does if someone feels uncomfortable or stressed
  • What crossed arms or legs portray to others

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • You will become a better communicator at work, in your personal life and in social situations
  • Learn what different actions of the body mean
  • Learn what you can do to portray confidence and power
  • Understand the basis of human communication

Skills Builder Universal Framework:

Getting started: Speaking clearly and effectively
Intermediate: Speaking engagingly

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Office Etiquette