Assertiveness is a vital skill that we all need to learn to be happy and fulfilled in our lives. Whether it’s at school, in the workplace or with our friends and families, we must be honest about our feelings and opinions to be comfortable with ourselves and be successful.

This course covers everything you need to know about assertiveness, including the different communication styles and where assertiveness fits in, and the common barriers to assertiveness such as anxiety and self-awareness.

We also provide you with the practical techniques to begin your journey to becoming assertive, and how to avoid the common misconceptions associated with assertiveness.


You Will Learn

● The different styles of communication and where assertiveness fits in

● The common barriers to becoming assertive and how to overcome them

● The misconceptions about assertiveness and understanding the true definition

● Practical ways to begin your journey to assertiveness


Benefits Of Taking This Course

● You will earn respect from loved ones, fellow students and co-workers

● You will reach your goals and achieve your full potential

● You will be free from the frustration and anxiety that comes from bottling things up

● You will discover who you are and what you want to achieve in life


Skill Builder Universal Framework

Getting Started:  Listening to others
Advanced: Recognising influence

Getting Started: Speaking clearly and effectively
Intermediate: Speaking engagingly

Intermediate: Contributing to the group

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