Conflict in the Workplace

When you first start trying to navigate your way through a new workplace, it can seem all too daunting. There are a lot of things to learn about your new space, and that includes working alongside people who you may not have crossed paths with otherwise. A lot of times, conflicts can erupt as a result of mixing different personalities together in a small space. How we view how to tackle projects and implement strategies varies from one employee to the next. These issues can easily snowball into a larger one that affects your work productivity and behaviour. You shouldn’t let it get this far. Know that there are ways to work through the issues.

In this course, we are going to identify the different conflicts that can arise when you are dealing with workers at all levels. There are also solutions provided to tactfully navigate your way to calmer waters. These methods are quite simple to pick up on and easy to remember for future situations. You are going to realise that negativity doesn’t have to be a way of life when dealing with your career. There are ways to eliminate the problems in a calm and professional manner.


You Will Learn:

  • Different types of conflict you can encounter at a workplace
  • How to deal with a tough manager
  • How to diffuse a situation with a hard to deal with co-worker
  • The different types of resources available to you


Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You can learn that you have a treasure trove of skills to help you eliminate office conflict
  • Discovering how simple it is to get rid of disagreements at all levels in your workplace
  • You are now ready to implement these skills no matter the situation you are in
  • You are going to come out a better employee with a healthier mindset


Skills Builder Universal Framework:

Getting started: Understanding emotions
Intermediate: Managing tasks

Getting started: Working well with others
Intermediate: Contributing to the group
Advanced: Improving a team

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Conflict in the Workplace - Video Course
Conflict in the Workplace - Written Course
Conflict in the Workplace - Test

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