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Banking services refer to the various financial products and services provided by banks to their customers. The main goal of banking services is to manage and safeguard customers’ money while providing them with convenient access to their funds and financial tools to help them meet their financial goals.

In 2023 the UK financial services has more than 1.1 million people in employment across banking, insurance, fund management and other financial services, with two-thirds of these jobs outside of London. This Introduction to Banking Services course is the ultimate guide to the wide range of opportunities available. Whether you’re just starting your journey, or are still deciding if it’s right for you, the course provides a detailed portrait of the modern banking industry.

The course takes you on a journey through UK banking by analysing the key aspects of the industry and providing you with information about them.

You will also get in-depth insight into the major types of banking services roles and how to choose the best one for your specific talents and interests. We take you through the routes to entry, which type of skills you need to be successful and tips and advice on how to enter the industry.

You Will Learn

● The major areas in the Banking Services world and how the sector comes together
● The qualifications and experience you will need to succeed
● The different types of Banking Services jobs and how to choose your ideal one

Benefits of Taking This Course

● You will have all the information you need to find your ideal job in Banking Services
● You will drastically improve your employability by understanding the major players
● You will save time by focusing your studies and streamlining the job-hunting process
● You will develop the power-skills and emotional intelligence vital in today’s industry
● You will harness the opportunities that an increasingly digitised environment presents

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