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When entering the job market for the first time, creating an effective CV is the first step to securing your ideal job.

This course will give you a comprehensive overview of how to write a CV that will distinguish you from the competition, as well as explain what employers look for when they read a CV.

It will also describe how to write a cover letter that will improve your chances of finding the right job.

Furthermore, you will understand how employers screen applications, what they are looking for at all stages of the recruitment process and how to demonstrate that you are the perfect person to fill the position.

You Will Learn:
• The purpose of a CV and what employers look for
• What a good CV looks like
• How to tailor your CV for a specific job role
• How to write a CV when you have little or no work experience
• CV errors to avoid
• How to get help with your CV

Benefits of Taking This Course
• Know how to create a professional CV
• Understand how to highlight your knowledge and skills
• Improve your chances of finding a new job
• Secure more interviews and appear more confident throughout the selection process

Skills Builder Universal Framework:

Getting started: Speaking clearly and effectively
Intermediate: Speaking engagingly
Advanced: Speaking adaptively

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