Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship 


The Introduction to Entrepreneurship course is the ultimate guide to exploring what entrepreneurship is and the path to becoming an entrepreneur.


Throughout these two modules, we’ll be exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur, and what the challenges are of running a start-up business.


You’ll start by learning about how to become an entrepreneur, including how to build a team of employees, how important it is to be a responsible business owner, and how to motivate yourself.


Then we’ll move onto some more technical topics, such as how entrepreneurs raise money, the importance of creating a business plan and how to calculate profit and loss.


You will learn

  •       What it takes to become an entrepreneur
  •       The key aspects of any business
  •       How to build a business for the future, and believe in yourself
  •       An understanding of investment and managing your finances
  •       How to create a business plan and the importance of networking


Benefits of taking this course

  •   Discover that starting your own business could be a possible career path for you
  •   Gain an understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to become an one
  •   Learn how entrepreneurs manage finances and how they plan the business

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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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