Communication Basics

Sound communication skills are vital to your success in the workplace. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to communicate or decode spoken and written messages. This can give rise to arguments and misunderstandings.

This course will provide you with an insight into the pillars of communication, and how you can use them to enhance your relationships at work and at home.

You Will Learn:

  • The basic model underlying all forms of communication
  • The most common problems that arise during communication, and how to resolve them
  • How to deal with conflict in the early stages
  • How to use body language to emphasise your message
  • What to do if you do not understand what someone else is saying

Benefits Of Taking This Course:

  • Reliable communication is essential to all healthy relationships, so this course is relevant to people working in any sector
  • If you are responsible for resolving disputes at work, this course will give you an insight into how conflict can arise in the first place
  • If you train others as part of your job, this course will help you get your message across quickly and easily
  • If you work with people from diverse backgrounds, this course will help bridge the gap by teaching you how to work successfully with anyone

Skills Builder Universal Framework

Getting Started:  Listening to others
Intermediate: Demonstrating listening
Advanced: Recognising influence (To some extent)
Mastery: Listening critically (To some extent)

Getting Started: Speaking clearly and effectively
Intermediate: Speaking engagingly
Advanced: Speaking adaptively

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Course Modules

Communication Basics - Video Course
Communication Basics - Written Course
Communication Basics - Test

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